Zane Sterling

In Memory of "Blackjack Rita"

I suppose all of our days are numbered, just as they were for Blackjack Rita. With great sorrow, I recently had to put her down. But the more I thought about it the more I realized being sorrowful on such an occasion was really an injustice. It was not only an injustice to me, but more importantly, it was an injustice to her. She lived a wonderful, full life to the ripe, old age of thirty. Although we came together late in our lives, boy did we make up for the time lost. It causes me to smile when I reflect back on all the beautiful country and all the great rides we shared together.


                        My Hat In My Hand

Dear Lord, I come to you with a lot on mind

and something to say

You know my hearts a little heavy, I had to put

down my ol' mare down today


We shared our lives for twenty-eight years I guess

we sort of grew up together

Oh, she could be ornery, obnoxious and stubborn

I'm sure we were two birds of a feather


I was there that cold winter night when that little

filly hit the ground

Her mother had a lot of trouble and for this world

I didn't think that little colt was bound


For forty-eight hours I tried everything I knew and

I was about to give up

There's no doubt in my mind that's when You reached

down from heaven and picked that little colt up


From that day on that little scrawny colt

was nothing but a blur

Oh, she was in to everything it was all I could

do just to keep up with her


Over all these years there were a lot of lessons

that were taught

But the most important lessons learned were

the lessons that I got


She taught me love and compassion and that

patience was a must

I taught her friendship and respect and that

in me she could always trust


Together we got to see a lot of this

beautiful land

Dear Lord, I just want to say thanks for the memories

with my hat in my hand


                                          Written by; Zane Sterling


"Go with care Rita and may the grass always be tall and green and the water cool and refreshing."