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 CHANCE TUCKER, seeking a life of adventure out west, leaves his parents and the family farm in Tennessee. Born with an unquenchable thirst for life and enough goals and dreams for two lifetimes, Chance's journey leads to one fateful day that changes everything. While riding for the Box-T Ranch in New Mexico, Chance and his best friend and partner, Tig Jones, come under attack while following a small herd of stolen cattle into a series  of rugged  canyons  known as Hell's Gate. When the gun smoke clears, Tig lies dying in Chance's arms. When Chance discovers that the very man they work for, J.B. Ross, is not only responsible for stealing the syndicate's cattle but also having his friend murdered, he embarks on a trail of revenge. Chance quickly learns that justice is not always balanced but has a tendency to tilt in the direction of power and money. Fleeing New Mexico with a posse on his trail and a price on his head, he vows to one-day return and collect on that debt he feels is owed. And when he does...that debt will be hell to pay!

"Debt of Vengeance" takes you back to the untamed west for a thrilling adventure filled with colorful characters and a writing style that brings everything to life. You can almost smell the burning campfires and hear the blaze of gunfire.

Zane Sterling's storytelling captures the Old West in its purest form and "Debt of Vengeance" has it all. The story will grab you from the first words and never let you go.

"Debt of Vengeance" is an old fashioned western yarn, wonderfully told.

"Debt of Vengeance"  is available  as a paperback as well as an e-book at


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"Shadows of the Caprock"


   Will Hardin, having spent twelve years in a Texas prison for a crime he did not commit, returns to his West Texas home of Bitter Springs to try to somehow regain the years that were unjustly taken from him. With his father buried in his absence and the family homestead in shambles, Will attempts to reconstruct the shattered pieces of his life.

 But, Vance Fuller, the son of a prominent rancher that was directly responsible for the arrest of Hardin all those years ago, is dead-set on keeping the truth of that night hidden and buried at all cost.

 When Will finds himself being pushed and his desire to live a quiet and peaceful life fading away, he is unwillingly drawn back into the nightmare that sent him away the first time.

Bitter Springs is a tinderbox ready to explode and Will Hardin is holding the flaming match cupped in his hand!


"Shadows of the Caprock" is a short story originally written for newspaper and magazine publication. With a readership of over 120,000 strong, "Shadows of the Caprock" is now available as an e-book on