Zane's Pictures Zane's Pictures Vinton, California Poetry Gathering Waddie Mitchell, Richard Elloyan, Zane Sterling, and Sourdough Slim 42434275 Zane performing "My Hat In My Hand" 42434276 Like Father... 42434277 Like Brother... 42434278 Like Zane 42434280 Zane with "Blackjack Rita" 42434282 Zane with sons, Clayton and Quaid 43986908 Celebrating Quaid's Graduation 43638372 Zane starting a mustang 42434283 Zane's Tennessee Walker "Spice" 43637665 Debt of Vengeance - 1st Book Signing Zane got alot of attention in his ole hometown. How awesome is it that his first signing was where he first began? 50208577 Zane and Clayton, heading to the Sierras 42669334